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Business of Design Week 2007 - Interviews with design superstars; Film Reviewer Gary Pollard on "I Am Legend"; Revisiting the Nanking Massacre (18 Dec 2007)


Tonight's show is presented by Ben Tse. The Business of Design Week 2007, which ended on Saturday, provides an opportunity for local designers to meet some of the international superstars of the field. The Works went along to speak to some of them. Australian Marc Newson, selected by Time Magazine in 2005 as one of its 100 most influential people of that year, is one of the world ’ s most sought-after designers. A prototype of his "Lockheed Lounge", the sofa that got him noticed, was sold at auction last year for almost US$1 million, a record for a living designer. Art school drop-out and musician, Tom Dixon calls himself a "self-educated maverick". He is known for his work as the head of design for British home retail chain, Habitat. He created it 20 years ago, not long after graduating from art school. Italian Mario Bellini is renowned not only for his architectural work but also for industrial and product design that includes furniture and jewellery. Zaha Hadid, born in Baghdad, is often labelled a deconstructivist architect for her controversial, daring and unconventional design. In 2004 she became the first female architect to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the profession ’ s equivalent of the Nobel Prize. In our movie review, Gary Pollard talks about the fourth movie adaptation of Richard Matheson's "I am Legend", and says it's far from faithful to its source. This year, to mark the 70th anniversary of Nanking Massacre, many filmmakers have produced documentaries or dramas on the subject. One of them is mainland Chinese director Lu Chuan. Although his movie "Nanking! Nanking!" is receiving state approval and support, he insists that if it appears to be a simple-minded propaganda film in the end, he will have failed.

The Works
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
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