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"Cameras Inside Out" Exhibition; Arts Festival Interview - Executive Director Tisa Ho; Film Review - "Charlotte's Web"; Studio Performance - Flautist Carson Yu (20 Feb 2007)


Today, cameras are everywhere, even in most of our mobile phones, but they weren't always so common or so cheap. An exhibition at the Heritage Museum is currently highlighting many classic cameras, and several of Hong Kong's most creative photographers, both old and new. There's plenty of art in store over the next month or so from the Hong Kong Arts Festival. The emphasis is on performing arts like music, opera, dance and theatre. In our studio tonight to tell us more about the festival is its new Executive Director, Tisa Ho. In our film review Gary Pollard talks to us about the latest film adaptation of the much-loved children's novel "Charlotte's Web". We conclude the programme this week with flautist Carson Yu, who is also vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia. He plays for us Arthur Honneger's "Danse de la Chevre".

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
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