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Carrie Lam Q&A, 20A: Education & Grenfell Tower Fire (08 Jul 2017)


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"On Wednesday, just five days into her job, new Chief Executive Carrie Lam went to the Legislative Council to take questions from legislators, most of whom seem to be taking a wait and see attitude as to whether her administration will be less contentious than that of Leung Chun-ying.

3+3+4, DSE, TSA, BCA, subsidised schools, grant schools, DSS, Caput schools, PIS, ESF… parents navigating their children through the school system are confronted with a world of jargon. We’ll try and spare you from that but later in the show will be looking at some of the changes in the education system over the past two decades.

There’s considerable resistance in the United Kingdom to living in high-rise buildings, unlike here in Hong Kong where such accommodation, at sometimes-outrageous prices, is a simple fact of life. In Hong Kong, high-rise buildings are often luxury developments. Not so much in the UK, where budget reductions for local authorities have meant that in high-rise public housing, corners have been cut with potentially fatal consequences. While in London, producer Nina Loh spoke to local residents and volunteers who have been affected by the Grenfell Tower fire, the worst fire disaster in modern British history."

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Saturday, July 8, 2017
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