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CE race update ; Death of Kim Jong-il ; Wukan village protests (23 Dec 2011)


This week Henry Tang launched - or was it relaunched? - his campaign to become Chief Executive. Inevitably, the two pro-establishment candidates, he and Leung Chun-ying are the lead contenders over whichever pro-democrat candidate, Albert Ho or Frederick Fung, runs against them. Both Tang and Leung have long track records and strong ties in Hong Kong and Beijing. Both visited the Central government’s liaison office on the same day, 15th December. More than 150 election committee members from the business and industrial sectors attended Henry Tang’s rally to show their support. Gaining the required support of 150 members to take part is not a problem for him. Leung Chun-ying may face more challenges with the initial hurdle. Many election committee members are still waiting for a signal from the central government. They don’t want to place a wrong bet. “The dictator is dead, long live the dictator.” There’ve been doubts about the exact circumstances of his death, but North Korea ruler Kim Jong-Il died last week. Images of hysterical mourning have since stunned international audiences, even though the issue of whether the mourners had much choice isn’t known. But what next? How is the contingency plan for a family dynasty going to work out, and is the death likely to increase or decease stability in the region?Well, with us in the studio is Steve Chung, who has been researching North Korea for several years. Whatever’s going to happen in North Korea, China has been facing unrest of its own in the past couple of weeks, as residents of Wukan village have been protesting against seizure of their farmlands and corruption. The fear of course for the central government is that unrest such as this – far from uncommon – may spread across the country

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Friday, December 23, 2011
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