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[Celebrating Dutch design in Hong Kong ; "The French Revolutions" at the Museum of History ; Studio performance - Violinist Leung Kin-fung and pianist Nancy Loo] (30 Dec 2008)


From chairs made of rope, to vases inspired by mucus, contemporary Dutch design tends to emphasise the humorous and avant-garde, looking at things from a new perspective. Dutch design was the focus of this year's Business of Design Week 2008, which was called "Open Minds", and we talk to some of the designers from the Netherlands about what they think makes their country's creativity stand out. The movie "Twilight", currently highly successful at the box office, is more of a teenage girls' romance story than a vampire film. It's based on a series of novels in which a teenage girl falls in love with a vampire who - thoughtfully - doesn't want to go all the way with her. For reviewer Gary Pollard, it's an attempt to make the subversive safe. The French Revolution had a far-reaching effect on world history, beginning with idealism and ending with mass executions by guillotine. A new exhibition at the Museum of History takes us back to that era. For violinist Leung Kin-fung, Brahms has always been a favourite composer. He has celebrated this by recording, with accompanist Nancy Loo, all Brahms' Hungarian Dances. They perform one of them for us in the studio tonight.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
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