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The Chief Executive's Week; Hong Kong for Pedestrians; Conservation U-Turns (14 Dec 2012)


It's been a tough week for the Chief Executive. A demonstration calling for his ouster on Sunday, an apology to the Legislative Council on Monday, a disrupted public consultation on Tuesday, a motion of no confidence in the Legco chamber on Wednesday, another chaotic consulation on Thursday ... and reports of yet another illegal structure saga. For many travellers, the best way to explore a city or environment is on foot. But if Hong Kong's visitors or residents want to get around, either on foot or bicycle, they may spend a lot of time underground or up in the air on elevate footbridges. Once upon a time the government was going to save Ho Tung Gardens and knock down the West Wing former government offices. Now it's going to allow the owner to knock down Ho Tung gardens and preserve the West Wing. Meanwhile one factory building was knocked down in June, before a consultation on preserving the area began in August. One might think Hong Kong had no consistent preservation policy.

The Pulse
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Friday, December 14, 2012
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