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Chip TSAO 陶傑 (27 Sep 2007)


"It's been ten short years. 1997 was in fact a deadline for the British who left Hong Kong with their flag." Chip Tsao, a columnist and a controversial commentator in Hong Kong, doubted very much on the "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong" before 1997, when Hong Kong was preparing her return to Mainland China. "If we draw a line on 1984 and ask ourselves: compared with 1984 as a Hong Kong citizen, are we now equally happy and confident? Are we still hopeful as before? If the answer to this question is a "Yes", then you may say, we've had a successful decade since 1997." It has now been ten years since the handover and Chip found a strange melancholy in the air. Since Hong Kong has changed from a British colony to a Special Administrative Region in China, people here are being told how dominant and important "one country" should be, while "two systems" is being played down. This affects people's impartial judgment and relinquishes some autonomy and freedom that which have been guaranteed for 50 years. This episode captures some subtle changes of Hong Kong for its first ten years, through the eyes of Chip Tsao.

On Hong Kong
Publish Date: 
Thursday, September 27, 2007
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