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Christmas Day Edition: Hope in a Student Drama - "I Love Pineapple Bun"; Film Reviewer Gary Pollard on Movies for Christmas; Kiri Te Kanawa in Hong Kong; Slava's Snowshow (25 Dec 2007)


This week's show is presented by Ben Tse We begin with a cheering story for Christmas Day. Earlier this month, one local school put on a musical show that showed just how art can bring a little hope, and a lot of self assurance, into the lives of one group of young people. The John F Kennedy Centre educates handicapped students. To celebrate its 40th anniversary it recently staged an original play: "I Love Pineapple Bun" The play took 6 months for the students to prepare, and was a resounding success on its debut at City Hall. Film Review: Christmas on TV and at the movies is a hit or miss affair in Hong Kong. In other countries, special episodes of TV series appear at Christmas, and they often add to the seasonal mood. When they are broadcast here, they sometimes turn up in August. Thanks to DVDs many of the great Christmas movies are on hand any time you want them. Gary Pollard reveals some of his favourites. Today, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa is one of the world's best known sopranos, particularly renowned for her interpretations of Mozart and Richard Strauss. She is a familiar figure in the leading opera houses of the world. After an illustrious career, in 2004 she decided to retire from performing opera on stage. Since then she's been giving recitals. Now she's planning to move away even from those. In the US, she's currently in the middle of what's been billed as her farewell tour, although she questions that billing. Last weekend she performed in Hong Kong. We talked to her. There's one important aspect of the storybook Christmas we don't get in Hong Kong. That's snow. This year, one Russian clown, Slava Polunin, has brought his own supply to Hong Kong, and has created a winter wonderland that's full of humour and – sometimes - sadness. His Snowshow has been labelled one of the greatest theatrical epxeriences of the past decade.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007
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