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Chung Ying Theatre's Mutiny; His Royal Frogginess Kwok Mang-ho; Het Collectief, a Quintet from Belgium, Performs in the Studio; Film Review: Nanny McPhee (18 Apr 2006)


Throughout this month the Chung Ying Theatre Company is taking more than 2,000 students on a series of educational theatre cruises, which feature - among other things - a performance of "Mutiny On the Bounty". Instead of splicing the main brace and walking the plank the students will be doing creative writing and language skills exercises based on the play. They'll also be taking part in interactive theatre performances, at the pier, and on board the ferry. Kwok Mang-ho, more popularly known as the Frog King, has been active in the arts scene since the 1960s. He's heavily influenced by the Fluxus movement of the 1960s and 1970s, under which artists staged certain actions that question the idea of art as "high culture". He likes to challenge and redefine the traditional notion of art, often in a playful and eccentric way. In the studio we have "Het Collectief" a modern classical quintet from Belgium that likes to concentrate on 20th Century composers, but also occasionally revisits older composers like Bach, as they do in a recital for us: an adapation of part of "A Music Offering". And, at the cinema, Gary Pollard tells us that "Nanny McPhee" might have magical powers, but the spells she casts are a lot darker than those of Mary Poppins.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
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