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Commemorating Zhao Ziyang; Legco session aborted after one-minute tribute; the mystery of the disappearing Security Officials. (21 Jan 2005)


The death of Zhao Ziyang has had intriguing repercussions on Hong Kong. After warnings from the mainland that it would be against the Basic Law to pay tribute to him in Legco, this week's meeting was aborted after a one minute silence by pan-democratic politicians and a tit-for-tat walkout by other members. With guest co-host Chris Yeung of the South China Morning Post, and China analyst Willy Lam, we examine the legacy of Zhao ZiYang, how far out of favour he fell, how concerned the mainland government is about unrest in the wake of his death. Will he be honoured? Clip: Commemorating Zhao ZiYang. Background on the former leader's death, starting with "The Oriental Daily" and "The Sun" announcing it too early. How the different Hong Kong papers covered it when it was announced: Wen Wei Po and Ta Kung Pao playing it down; other papers having double page spreads. Commemorating Zhao - in public, and in the Legislative Council. Why the walkout happened. Interview with the Liberal Party's James Tien and the DAB's Tsang Yok-sing. We also focus on the strange case of the disappearing Mainland Public Security Officials. Two Legco panel meetings this week – one Legal and the other Security – examined the issue of the Mainland Security Officials arrested last year in Hong Kong that the Department of Justice has decided not to prosecute, and who had been allowed to return to the mainland even before any trial.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, January 21, 2005
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