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Constitutional Reform - the Democrats Step Up the Pressure; Public Broadcasting Under Review...Maybe; Pakistan Earthquake Relief; Teaching Children Money (18 Nov 2005)


Roadmap, timetable, plan, whatever you call it, it's a way to get from point A to point B. The debate right now in Hong Kong is about constitutional reform. How we get from here to there, or how quickly we do so, remains a point of contention. The administration says its 5th report on constitutional development, under which more district councillors would be brought onto the Chief Executive Election Committee and into the Legislative Council, is a step forward for democracy. The democrats say it's not enough. Our media and our broadcasters function – where they can – as watchdogs for government and private sector behaviour or misbehaviour. In many countries public sector broadcasters, untrammelled by commercial concerns, are particularly suited to doing this. But is that the kind of public broadcasting the Hong Kong government wants? Recent reports suggest the administration plans to review the role of public broadcasters ... but officials refuse to confirm or deny this. Maybe they have enough on their plates right now? On the 8th October a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. Pakistan has confirmed some 74,000 deaths, most of them in Pakistani-administered Kashmir. Tens of thousands were injured, three million or more left homeless. Pakistan's Consul General in Hong Kong, Mr Tariq Shafi Chak is in the studio to talk about the disaster, and the costs and difficulties of recovery. Children come out of school - we hope - alphabetically and numerically literate, with a smattering of knowledge about the world. Increasingly schools are trying to make them financially literate too.

The Pulse
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Friday, November 18, 2005
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