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The controversial Copyright Amendment Bill, studio discussion with Asst. Dir., of Intellectual Property Dept. Michelle Chong & Legislator, Albert Chan (12 Dec 2015)


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The Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying insists that the Copyright Amendment Bill has to pass, and as soon as possible. Citing the Innovation and Technology Bureau as an example, he has also warned that filibustering on the bill is “bound to fail”. He might be right but it requires pro-establishment legislators to turn up in the chamber so the bill can be passed. Something that didn’t happen on Wednesday when there was no quorum for the debate. The government says it’s all about protecting copyright owners’ interests. Many internet users however fear that the bill is aimed at pleasing political groups and individuals who are most often the target of internet parody. These parodies use copyrighted material which may explain why there is a sudden interest in copyright infringement. There are concerns that the new amendment is a potential minefield for individual internet users, particularly in areas not clearly exempted, including derivative works or re-creations, such as music mash-ups, live streaming of video game play or even singing old songs with new lyrics. As he revealed on social media this week, even the Chief Executive himself is a little unclear what would be permissible.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015
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