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Controversy over New Political Appointees; Music Matters Conference; Cross-straits Relations (06 Jun 2008)


The government continues to receive criticism over the new political appointees, in terms of the selection process, their nationality status and their pay. This week, even former civil servants John Chan and Joseph Wong have weighed in, and said they thought the new appointments were mishandled. In our studio, Michael deGolyer, Professor of Government & International Studies at HK Baptist University, discusses the controversy. The theme of this year's Music Matters conference is PLUG INTO ASIA. The conference brought together many of the movers and shakers from the business side of the music scene. According to an MTV Asia survey, more and more of the region's young people are music fans. The bad news for those wanting to break into that market is that most prefer local artists to international talent.There is also a surge in the number of youngsters watching music videos from the internet and via their mobile phones due to improved broadband access and the increased penetration of sites such as youtube. Piracy remains a major problem; Talks between the mainland-based Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits and its Taiwan counterpart the Straits Exchange Foundation have been scheduled for resumption next week. Taiwan also wants to negotiate bilateral deals on trade, investment and banking supervision and - eventually - sign a peace agreement with Beijing. But what effect will this have on Hong Kong, which has played the middleman for the past six decades?

The Pulse
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Friday, June 6, 2008
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