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[Delays and democracy] (20 Apr 2014)


This program would talk about delays and democracy with Mr. Alan Leong (leader of the Civic Party) and Mr. Frederick Fung (legislator from ADPL). First of all, they would discuss the delays of the high speed railway to Guangzhou. Second, they also discuss the Mega Events Fund which is huge scandal that money was wasted on events and there were untruths told about how well spent the money were. Finally, the trip to Shanghai would be discussed. Mr. Leong said that if mainland officials could not tolerate one legislator carrying June 4th materials, then the talks may not be genuine talk. So he finally decided not to attend the trip. Mr. Fung said after the meeting with mainland officials, he thinks they stand very firm on their own side. Therefore, the dialog is good but the negotiation is not very well to get a compromise

Publish Date: 
Sunday, April 20, 2014
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