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Discussion with Edward Leung & Ronny Tong on oath-taking & HK independence, and one on one with Chris Patten (03 Dec 2016)


The government and pro-Beijing forces have decided to use the law in attempts to remove pro-democracy legislators, they’ve been successful in already getting rid of two of the Youngspiration lawmakers and are now trying to eject a third directly elected member of the Legislative Council, Lau Siu-lai. If they are successful – pro establishment forces, who had a far smaller share of the popular vote will be able to dictate what happens in the council. With us in the studio are Edward Leung of Hong Kong Indigenous and senior counsel and Founder of Path of Democracy, Ronny Tong. During his recent visit to Hong Kong, former governor Chris Patten met journalists at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, students at the University of Hong Kong and took part in a public forum on Hong Kong’s governance. We caught up with him last Saturday. And we'll end the shot with images of Cuba’s former President Fidel Castro who died last Saturday at the age of 90. We’ll see you next week. Goodbye.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Saturday, December 3, 2016
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