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District Council Elections - The Fallout; Interview - BBC Correspondent George Alagiah; Looking Back at the Nanjing Massacre; Read Any Good Food Lately? (23 Nov 2007)


In Sunday's district council elections the pro-Beijing DAB was widely tipped to win a lot of seats, but pro-democracy candidates were devastated by just how big a landslide there was. This week, individuals and parties have been wondering what went wrong. The pro-democratic forces did not use the democratic process particularly effectively. From that post mortem we move to a man who has reported on his fair share of political and social turbulence. George Algaiah presents World News Today on BBC World, the BBC ’ s Six O'Clock News, and is one of the corporation's leading foreign correspondents. He joins us in the studio. In November 1937, after their invasion of Shanghai, Japanese troops began a massive offensive on Nanjing, the capital city of Nationalist China. On December 13, the city fell to the Japanese troops, who began a systematic campaign of violence. Estimates of the number of civilians murdered by Japanese soldiers vary from 250,000 to 350,000. This week RTHK organised a forum in memory of the event seventy years ago. In 2004, the government announced a plan to introduce mandatory food labelling for packaged food. Under the scheme, food labelling should include not only energy values but also certain core nutrients. The administration initially planned to introduce a list of energy values and nine nutrients, the so-called "1+9 scheme" The first phase of legislation should have been introduced early last year, but so far Legco's food safety panel hasn't even seen a draft. Lawmakers suspect that the proposal to be submitted to them next month will be watered down.

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Friday, November 23, 2007
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