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The Dollar Peg Under Pressure; Qualifications for the Mentally Impaired; CASBAA Conference 2007. (02 Nov 2007)


On Wednesday, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority stepped into the foreign exchange market five times within three hours, selling Hong Kong dollars to stop the local currency strengthening further against the US dollar. The move kept the currency within the 7.75 to 7.85 trading band, but right now, the 24-year-old peg to the weakening greenback is under a lot of pressure. Will it hold? With us in the studio to analyse the situation are financial writer Tom Holland of the South China Morning Post, and Jan Friederich of the Economist Intelligence Unit. Hong Kong currently has 32 schools for students with various degrees of mental impairment. When they reach fifteen and a half, they can take a Vocational Training Centre test to determine where they should go after leaving school. They may also stay at school for two more years under the Extended Years of Education Programme, the aim of which is to better prepare them to face the world. However, education and employment opportunities are still far from sufficient. A new initiative aims to introduce a widely accepted qualification that will better reflect their abilities. Throughout this week the CASBAA, or Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia Conference 2007 has been under way. The technology of the dozens of broadcast channels available to us may be changing all the time, but the major theme of this year's conference was that content is king.

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Friday, November 2, 2007
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