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Donald Tsang in Legco; Rifts Among the Democrats; WTO Protesters on Trial; Digital Broadcasting - Coming Soon? (13 Jan 2006)


Chief Executive Donald Tsang has said he plans to appear in the Legislative Council for Question and Answer sessions more regularly than his predecessor Tung Chee-hwa. Yesterday afternoon he attended his first Q & A of 2006. There was discussion of education issues, and five day working weeks for civil servants, but the session was dominated by the government's recent political reform proposals. Last month, by presenting a united front pro-democratic politicians managed to block political reform proposals that they thought were not progressive enough. Behind the scenes though, the Democratic Party doesn't seem to be quite so united, partly because it's getting harder for the party's second-tier members to develop their political careers. Pro-democracy figures say the government shouldn't intervene in the legal process, but while some accuse the authorities of giving in to political pressure in taking anti-WTO protesters to court, others have been trying to exert political pressure to keep them out. For eleven of those arrested, it's now a moot point. Today, around 40 countries have digital audio broadcast, or DAB, radio. In Britain 2.8 million DAB sets have been sold. 1 in 10 households there has a receiver. Development has been picking up in the Asia-Pacific region too. Recently, legislators have been grappling with Hong Kong's potential digital future - in radio and TV.

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Friday, January 13, 2006
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