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A Donation For Sichuan? The New Gold Rush; HIT Dockers' Strike Continues (26 Apr 2013)


Last Saturday’s, magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Sichuan, killed almost 200 people and left tens of thousands homeless. In the wake of that, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying proposed donating HK$100 million to the Sichuan provincial government to provide emergency relief for the earthquake victims. This Wednesday, legislators held a special finance committee meeting to discuss the donation. The approval motion was not yet passed as there was not enough time for all the legislators who wanted to speak, to do so. Many of Hong Kong's citizens also oppose using tax payers’ money to donate HK$100 million dollars to government officials they fear may be corrupt.   Meanwhile, back in Hong Kong, there’s a new gold rush under way, fuelled by both locals and mainland visitors. Gold’s looking cheap at the moment, at least compared with recent prices, but there are no guarantees about mid to long term prospects for gold buffs.   The HIT dockers’ strike is entering its second month, with the workers and their employers seemingly no closer to reconciliation. On the contrary, the confrontation appears to be escalating. Yesterday, Li Ka-shing's flagship Cheung Kong company, whose subsidiary Hutchison Whampoa is the parent company of HIT, posted a notice outside the Cheung Kong Centre, stated they are applying for a court injunction barring strikers from picketing outside the centre. Justice Derek Pang, in the Court of First Instance, refused to hear the application in the absence of the workers. The strikers have been there since last Tuesday, when they moved their tents from outside the Kwai Chung terminal to Central. They want Li Ka-shing to intervene in this issue and instruct HIT and its contractors back to the negotiating table.

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Friday, April 26, 2013
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