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Drink Driving; What Is The League of Social Democrats?; Creating Valuable Cities; Hong Kong's Wetland Park (26 May 2006)


In the wake of a fatal traffic accident involving drink driving the weekend before our broadcast, there have been calls for tougher penalties and more determined implementation. Generally drivers are required to take a breathalyser test only if involved in a traffic accident. Some want more random breath tests, as in other countries, and tougher penalties. Legislator Albert Chan Wai-yip is a founder member of the League of Social Democrats, a new coalition that says it will better represent grass roots interests. But is it even going to function as a real party? Does it have the funds and the support? He's in the studio to tell us. On Tuesday an international conference focused on the ingredients necessary for a vibrant, liveable, city. It emphasised the need for integration, planning, and sustainability. It also examined what role and responsibility city governments, not-for profit organisations, and the private sector could play in devising and implementing successful strategies. Our disappearing waterfront, said many, should play an important role. On Saturday, the Hong Kong Wetland Park opened to the public, raising questions about how effectively eco-tourism can be applied in Hong Kong. We take a look at it.

The Pulse
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Friday, May 26, 2006
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