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[Education, the new ESF levy, and English standards in Hong Kong] (13 Dec 2009)


This program would talk about the Education in Hong Kong which focuses on the new levy of English Schools Foundation (ESF) and English standard in Hong Kong. Guests Miss. Heather Du Quesnay who is the CEO of ESF and Mr. Kent Ewing who is the teacher in Hong Kong International School would discuss about the situations that ESF need to charge $25,000 which refundable from parents in order to replace old schools. Is there no other way around this levy? Is the levy squeezing out the middle class? Is it unfair for the local kid who wants to learn English cannot afford to get into an ESF school? Has the different between ESF and independent international schools been narrowed further with ESF proposal for the levy? Besides, the English language policy in Hong Kong would be discussed. Why are we so obsessed by associating success with the English Language?

Publish Date: 
Sunday, December 13, 2009
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