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Events Capital (26 Jun 2008)


Producer: Rowena Hung; The Hong Kong Marathon, the Hong Kong Sevens, the Hong Kong Open Badminton Super Series, the Hong Kong International Cricket Sixes, the FIVB World Grand Prix, the Euro-Asia Snooker Masters Challenge … … even if you do not participate, you must be aware of these popular world-class events held in Hong Kong. To become an Asian Sports Events Capital, it needs to organize a lot of world-class competitions. However, it also needs a lot of funding in running such large-scale events. Thus, the Government has started to offer funding several years ago, and the Major Sports Events Committee under the Home Affairs Bureau has invested 30 million dollars to create the “ M ” Mark to support large-scale sporting events in Hong Kong. The scheme has shown efficacy. Not only did the squash and badminton competitions receive funding, Hong Kong DanceSport Federation is also attracted by the scheme to organize major dancesport events. It also invited renowned dancers to perform in Hong Kong. Moreover, the commercial circle carries on sponsoring the events. The FIVB World Grand Prix has received sponsorship by a healthcheck company last year. The Government expects the “ M ” Mark to establish a branding effect in a long term and to turn into a “ Q mark ” in sports. Hence, these sports events can obtain sponsorship more easily and can be organized regularly. At the end, it will build up a sustainable sports culture in Hong Kong. Major sports events provide economic and social benefits to the host cities. Hong Kong ’ s neighbouring cities are also ready to organize world-class sporting events. It seems that the Government, the Sports Associations and the sponsors have to work hard together to turn Hong Kong into an events capital.

Glamour of sports: Events capital
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Thursday, June 26, 2008
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