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Exhibition of Sculpture from Macau, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong; Young Piano Prodigies; Film Review - "Snakes on a Plane" (29 Aug 2006)


Studio Performance from pianist Allen Youngblood There's a lot of piano in The Works this week. Our guest presenter is jazz pianist Allen Youngblood, who also gives us a studio rendition of Ray Charles' "Sitting on Top of the World". Still on the keyboards, we talk to Aristo Sham and Wong Wai-yin who both recently won prizes at the Ettlingen International Piano Competition for Young Pianists in Germany. Ten-year-old Aristo Sham took the first prize and 13-year-old Wong Wai-yin won the third in Category A (up to 15 years) of the competition. Both could have long musical careers in front of them. Around 70 sculptors from Guangzhou Sculpture Academy, Macau, and Hong Kong are exhibiting work at Cattle Depot Artist Commune from now until September 20th. Sculpture in Hong Kong isn't an easy occupation. Space is limited, sculpting can be expensive and require help from costly foundries and factories, and customers rarely have the room to buy large pieces. That's made many Hong Kong artists focus on installation pieces rather than traditional sculpture. For sculptors in Macau and Guangzhou, the situation is different. And reviewer Gary Pollard is here to report on the much-hyped "Snakes on a Plane".

The Works
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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
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