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Fair Business?; Not Enough Accountants; The Future of "Government Hill"; July 1st - Faces on the March (07 Jul 2006)


On Tuesday, the Competition Policy Review Committee released its recommendations on a competition policy. It's proposing a cross-sector competition law to regulate seven main anti-competitive areas. Representatives of the business sector are divided on its usefulness. Andrew Leung of the Liberal Party and Audrey Eu of the Civic Party give their views. There is a challenge hindering China's econnomic growth - a massive lack of accountants. 300,000 are needed. China has 130,000. Many are being drawn from Hong Kong and Singapore, and causing shortages there too. The problem's partly caused by mainland Chinese companies that have moved from a centralised economy wanting to satisfy international accounting standards to win investors. It's also a legacy of China's turbulent political history. The Future of Lower Albert Road. Now that the relocation of the Central Government Offices to Tamar has been approved, attention has turned to what is going to happen to the present office structures, situated in one of Central's few green areas. Some have even suggested turning them into a museum. And we have a short retrospective of last Saturday ’ s pro-democracy March, talking to some of those taking part about their various causes.

The Pulse
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Friday, July 7, 2006
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