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Filibuster Guillotined; Restructuring the Government; Old Voices Return on Digital Radio (18 May 2012)


<p>First, this week the filibuster against the Legislative Council (Amendment) Bill 2012, designed to stop legislators forcing by-elections for political purposes, continued, but was stopped by President Tsang Yok-sing. . And we begin with a reminder of history. In 1999, the government wanted to pass a bill to dissolve the partially democratically Urban and Regional Councils. There weren&rsquo;t enough pro-Establishment legislators in the Legco chamber to do so, and so the others filibustered, along with then-Secretary for Constitutional Affairs Michael Suen, so the absentees could cast their vote the following day. The DAB&rsquo;s Lau Kong-wah said in the chamber that the tactic is &ldquo;totally acceptable in a parliamentary assembly.&quot; How times change.That filibuster in the Legco chamber has inevitably delayed discussion of a number of important bills that many would like to see passed before the end of this Legco session in July. Some, like the competition bill, have been in the works for a long time. But some people are rather more concerned about proposals to restructure the government from the incoming Chief Executive that they feel are being pushed through too precipitously. Hong Kong has not exactly been fast in introducing digital audio broadcasting Three broadcasters, Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited, Phoenix U Radio Limited and Digital Broadcasting Corporation Hong Kong Limited, have been granted licences, and RTHK is also broadcasting on DAB. Public uptake has been slow, but DBC boss Albert Cheng is hoping to give it a shot in the arm by reviving an old favourite, his old &quot;Storm in a Teacup&quot; programme.<br /><br />&nbsp;</p>

The Pulse
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Friday, May 18, 2012
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