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Financial Outlook for the Year of the Dog; Too Early for Tax Breaks; It's a Dog's Business (03 Feb 2006)


For our first programme in the Year of the Dog, we do a little crystal-ball gazing on economic matters. And - in our studio - we're turning not to the almanacs or the stars but to Paul Tang, the Bank of East Asia's chief economist, and the chief economist of the Trade Development Council, Edward Leung. The Financial Secretary Henry Tang may have got the Lunar New Year off to a good start by hinting that we may be in for a not too stringent budget this year. But one legislator Mandy Tam, who represents the accounting constituency, says it's too early to start counting our chickens or our blessings. More and more people are keeping bets. More and more are keeping dogs. We begin this Year of the Dog, with a look at Hong Kong's booming pet industry, and the role that our canine companions play in it.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, February 3, 2006
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