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Focus at the Frontline; Shanghai Peace Hotel Old Jazz Band; Local Art Magazines; Film Review - "Mr & Mrs Smith"; "The Pachelbels" Perform Jazz/Classical Fusion Live in the Studio (14 Jun 2005)


Photography can be deliberately artistic. It can be simply functional. Photojournalism has to convey information, and tell or complement a story, but it can also transcend that. The "Focus at the Frontline 2004" exhibition highlights some of the best local photojournalism of the past year.Shanghai used to be called the Paris of the East, not least because of its enthusiasm for things Western, at least until the 1949 revolution. One of the pernicious Western influences that the People's Government wanted to stamp out was jazz. Today it's back.Formed in 1980, the Shanghai Peace Hotel Old Jazz Band is one of the city's most famous jazz groups. The revived band is made up of six veteran musicians whose careers span more than half a century and who have an average age of 76.By Asian standards Hong Kong has a relatively strong publishing industry. But here, as elsewhere, arts publications sometimes lag behind. We look at the difficulties they face in surviving.In the studio tonight are "The Pachelbels": Janet Yeung on violin, Moses Cheung on guitar, and Justin Siu on cello. They're performing a classical/jazz blend of a Chopin Prelude and a samba by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
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