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Food Safety; No Plastic Bag Day; "The Heavenly Kings" (21 Apr 2006)


This week's papers reported that tests conducted by Greenpeace on 55 samples of vegetables bought from several ParknShop and Wellcome branches found that 75% contained pesticide residue. 30% contain excessive pesticide based on WHO standards, which HK follows. Banned pesticides, including DDT, were found in five tomato and French bean samples. So how well are standards being enforced? Last Saturday was "No Plastic Bags Day". Some Green Groups want to make this a regular occurrence. Hong Kong tops the world in plastic bag use, going through 33 million daily, or about 5 bags per resident. Australia, with a population of 20 million, uses a quarter of that number while Ireland, which introduced a plastic bag levy in 2002 for its four million people, uses a third. This week a Cantonese movie called "The Heavenly Kings" opened at local cinemas. It charts the creation and rise of a Cantopop band called "Alive". In the past, the group has claimed its music has been stolen and that footage of an internal feud has been leaked to the internet. Two weeks ago, after "The Heavenly Kings" was premiered at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, the group admitted it had cooked up fake stories.

The Pulse
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Friday, April 21, 2006
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