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The Future of Hong Kong's Public Service Broadcasting; Preserving Queen's Pier; Students Helping Cambodia (30 Mar 2007)


First though, one of the biggest stories of the week has been the final report of the Committee on Review of Public Service Broadcasting, and – to some – it's a puzzling report. At a combative press conference on Wednesday, journalists wondered why – if the aim of the exercise wasn't to tame Radio Television Hong Kong as a public broadcaster - RTHK was mentioned so much, and was specifically ruled out of the game. Following the controversial demolition of the Star Ferry Pier and clock tower, conservation activists have moved the battleground to Queen's Pier, now threatened with demolition, and another collective memory about to hit the dust. At the end of January this year, the government agreed to postpone the pier's demolition until a consensus was reached on how to handle it. This week it presented four options for preserving the structure, but expressed a very strong preference for just one of them. Last year, 40 students from the University of Hong Kong went on service missions to six Asian countries. The initiative, organised by the university's General Education Unit, is part of the international Project SEE – Students for Equality and Equity. Six of the students went to Cambodia. The country, which has a population of 15 million, is one of Asia's poorest places. Back in Hong Kong, the group decided to set up an NGO called, "Humanity in Focus". They believe that even small changes could improve lives in Cambodia. So far they've recruited about 140 volunteers. They've raised enough money to build one water tank for $6,000 and one classroom for $5,000.

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Friday, March 30, 2007
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