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[Has the annual July 1 st protest march lost its focus?] (28 Jun 2009)


<p>Today&#39;s guests Mr. Lee Cheuk-yan (Unionist Legislator) and Miss Priscilla Leung (Legislator) will discuss the goals and the meaning of the march also the following questions. This year people on July 1st march will march for many specific issues such as minimum wage and against civil service pay cut but Lee Check-yan said that the underline factor is that they are all marching for democracy, how does he make the connections? Moreover, the Chief Executive - Donald Tsang said that he will attend the march in the morning to celebrate the handover, is that going to draw people away from Lee Cheuk-yan&#39;s march? Should Donald Tsang come to Lee Cheuk-yan&#39;s march? Finally, are people in Hong Kong angry and want a leadership change?</p>

Publish Date: 
Sunday, June 28, 2009
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