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[Has the central government already sounded the gong on how much democracy it will allow in Hong Kong?] (30 Mar 2014)


Has the Central government already sounded the going on how mush democracy it will allow in Hong Kong? Mr. Frederick Fung (from Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood) hopes the Central government has not given its final word. For the universal suffrage in 2017, Mr. Fung thinks the Central government should have a clear definition on "Love Hong Kong, Love China", otherwise everyone may have their own definition inconsistently. In addition, Mr. Fung would discuss whether a chief executive of Hong Kong should be able to say to mainland leaders, move away from communist rule and go to democratic rule. Mr. Fung also response to the question that does he influenced by western democracies as how to deal with mainland China

Publish Date: 
Sunday, March 30, 2014
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