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[Has Hong Kong become ungovernable?] (03 Nov 2013)


Has Hong Kong become ungovernable? Ms. Miriam Lau and Mr. Peter Wong both are Deputy of National People's Congress would discuss this issue in this program. Ms. Lau thinks Hong Kong become ungovernable is because there is no cooperation between the various institutions. But Mr. Wong thinks it is because Hong Kong is being used by the West as an espionage center. He further expresses that the interaction between the public and the government is a normal issue, why Hong Kong is special may because of one-country two-system that people embrace more polarized interests. Moreover, they would discuss the reasons why people are focusing on the issues that Mr. C.Y. Leung inherited and try to solve, but not focusing on the issues that he has done

Publish Date: 
Sunday, November 3, 2013
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