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[Hate the rich] (26 Sep 2010)


<p>This program would discuss the new sentiment in Hong Kong which is Anti-rich and Anti-business sentiment with Mr. Michael Degolyer (Professor of Government &amp; International studies at Baptist University) and Dr. James Sung (Academic Coordinator of City University). They believe that sense of unfair in policy making and various influences from business are the factors that create this new sentiment. In addition, Dr. Sung gives an example on unfairness that government refuse to give 300 million on government grant loan system even there is 10 billion earned by sell land. Besides, why they think Hu Jin-tao had meeting with Li Ka-shing was unusual would also be talked about. In conclude they would give some suggestions to Chief Executive to solve Anti-rich sentiment in various perspectives</p>

Publish Date: 
Sunday, September 26, 2010
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