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Heritage and the MTR; National Education Demonstrations and Motions; A Living Allowance for the Elderly (19 Oct 2012)


It's an event you won't have heard of yet, but during construction work on the South Island Line East in Harcourt Garden, the MTR has found parts of a seawall that formed Hong Kong’s earliest colonial shoreline. Apart from the remains of the seawall that once surrounded Wellington Battery, a plugged up well and other artefacts have been found. However, the public has been told nothing about them. The MTR and the Antiquities and Monuments Office say it was not possible to preserve the remains in situ, and they got in the way of construction. It’s been decided to remove and preserve certain items, and keep a photographic record of their location. If you want to see them, you can’t. Not yet. During the first session of the new legislative council on Wednesday, 40 out of 70 members joined in a non-binding motion debate proposed by education sector representative Ip Kin-yuen. He was demanding the resignation of Education Secretary, Eddie Ng over his handling of the National Education controversy. That evening opponents and supporters of National Education gathered face to face outside the government offices in Tamar.You don’t need to be a particularly astute observer of the Hong Kong scene to see that the gap between rich and poor is increasing. Against ever more opulent residential projects, some people – mostly elderly - live in caged bed spaces and scavenge to survive. The government is thinking of almost doubling the old age allowance to just over $2,000 a month. The only problem is it means a means test, and an examination of the assets of the elderly.

The Pulse
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Friday, October 19, 2012
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