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Hong Kong Bloggers; Interview with US blogger and journalist Dan Gillmor; English-language Children's books in HK; Film Review: "Facing Window" (11 Nov 2004)


During the US election, bloggers or web diarists were highlighted for the part they played in breaking media stories. Hong Kong has its own bloggers, both Chinese and expat, some of whom have had their web sites blocked by mainland China. Blogger and author Dan Gillmor teaches for the autumn season at HKU every year. He's not only one of the US's best known bloggers, he's also the author of one of the first books on blogging: "We the Media: Grassroots Journalism By the People for the People." Hong Kong Children's Books. Recently published is a new bilingual children's book by a Hong Kong writer and illustrator team: "The Crocodile Who Wanted To Become Famous". It's based on a crocodile that mysteriously made its way to Hong Kong . We interview authors of this book and another locally-produced children's book "The Dirty Story".In Movie Watch, Gary Pollard talks about the new Italian movie “ Facing Window".

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Publish Date: 
Thursday, November 11, 2004
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