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Hong Kong Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre; Film Review - "Hancock"; AEROS Gymnastics Show; Studio Performance - Mo Yiu-shan (yangqing), and Mo Ai-chi (erhu) (15 Jul 2008)


As Hong Kong's manufacturing industries have moved to the mainland, many of the old factory buildings have been left empty. Now one has been given a new lease of life as a centre for artists and craftspeople from a wide range of disciplines. For a start-up cost of $69.4 million dollars provided by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the 108,000 square foot site now houses 122 studios, three communal workshops, a black box theatre, three exhibition spaces, and communal areas for other artistic activities. Will Smith's latest movie "Hancock" is about John Hancock, a super hero with an attitude problem. He discovered his superpowers after waking from a coma in Miami years before with a bad case of amnesia, and doesn't really want them. He'd rather drink and sleep on a wooden bench than save the world, and when he does have to do something heroic he's more than a little slapdash about how he does it. Reviewer Gary Pollard tells us more. The aim of AEROS is to turn a sport into an art. Over the weekend, the production, which combines gymnastics and dance, held its Asian Premiere in Hong Kong as the opening presentation of this year's International Arts Carnival. Finally, with us in the studio tonight we have Mo Yiu-shan on yangqing, and Mo Ai-chi on erhu. They're giving a concert at the Tsuen Wan Town Hall this coming weekend. Tonight, they play us out with "Meeting of the Butterfly Lovers."

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
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