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Hong Kong media coverage of US Elections; the role of US media inthose elections; Local media lay-offs; a new look for the Far Eastern Economic Review; Review: "Motorcycle Diaries" (04 Nov 2004)


The results of the US Presidential Elections came in just the day before our broadcast. RTHK's Radio 3 was at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Election Central waiting for the results. We talked to people there about both media coverage, and the media's role in the election process. US media commentators give us their view on the relationship between media and electoral process. Radio 3 meets the public, promotes digital radio, and unveils its new logo .The Far Eastern Economic Review has just fired 80 of its staff, 70 of them in Hong Kong, and is about to become a monthly. Is it a new beginning? Or the end? Media Watch interviews former editor and long-time contributor Philip Bowring. Movie Watch: Geoffrey Wong on "Motorcycle Diaries" .A new design show aims to boost Hong Kong's image as a centre for creativity.

Media watch
Publish Date: 
Thursday, November 4, 2004
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