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Is Hong Kong's Business Environment Fair? (04 Feb 2005)


In this episode we get down to business... on business. Conservative think-tanks repeatedly vote Hong Kong one of the world's freest places for companies to operate. But in many sectors two or three conglomerates dominate, and they have been known to use their clout to squeeze out the competition. And then there's another business topic on many legislators' minds right now: is there collusion between the government and certain big companies? That question was raised by Emily Lau in this week's Legco session. On the day this episode was broadcast, one oil company raised fuel prices by 15 cents a litre. A day later two others did. Our market only has six competitors. Four dominate. Last week legislator Selina Chow asked the government to look into introducing a fair competition law in the oil industry. In Part Two the Liberal Party's Selina Chow, the Article 45 Concern Group's Ronny Tong, and the Consumer Council's Pamela Chan, talk to Steve Vines about why Hong Kong doesn't have a fair competition law, and whether it should. We did also ask for a government representative, but were told the administration has already said all it wants to on the subject.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, February 4, 2005
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