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Hong Kong's Water Supply - Dongjiang Pollution; Hong Kong's Water Supply - Alternative Options (05 Apr 2013)


Friday 22nd March was World Water Day, a day devoted to focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Last week in the Legislative Council, lawmakers discussed Hong Kong’s freshwater needs, some 80% of which are currently met by Dongjiang river water. Hong Kong legislators have criticized the government for not having a long term water policy. Dongjiang water is not an unlimited resource. Or, necessarily an unpolluted one. And it can be used as a political bargaining chip. Over the Easter holiday, The Pulse went to the source of the Dongjiang River to see some of the problems authorities face in water management.   Compared with other places, Hong Kong freshwater charges aren’t really that high. But whether we actually have enough water to drink currently depends on supplies, and agreements that only run to 2014. Not only that, we are wasteful. Our pipes and water mains are often old, and Hong Kong’s leakage rate in 2011 was an astonishing 19%. So what can Hong Kong do to make itself more self reliant in future. Well, one option is desalination. With us in the studio to discuss alternative approaches to our water supply are are Vincent Mak, a Chief Engineer with the Water Supplies Department, and Ho Man-kit of the Momentum 107 group.

The Pulse
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Friday, April 5, 2013
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