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How "inclusive" will CY Leung's government be?; Internet Copyright Law vs Freedom of Speech; Studio Interview: Leung Kwok-hung (20 Apr 2012)


The incoming Chief Executive is currently putting his team together, but is it going to be as representative of the “Hong Kong camp” as Leung Chun-ying has promised, particularly as pro-Beijing organisations are the only ones he has apparently asked to help him compile short lists. Internet social networks, blogs, and forums have led a communications revolution. They’ve also given new life to grassroots political activism and commentary. Individuals can now broadcast views and opinion to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of others. People can also share, and they often share videos, photos or hyperlinks with friends. But under Hong Kong’s proposed Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2011, if what you share is copyrighted, you may be a criminal. The Legislative Council meetings this week have been very personality oriented. There was a vote of no confidence in the Chief Executive. That failed. There was a motion to censure Kam Nai-wai with regard to his handling of sexual harassment allegations. That failed. There was a motion to investigate comments allegedly made by Leung Chun-ying in Exco. That also tumbled. And then there was a motion raised by Paul Tse to relieve Leung Kwok-hung of his duties as a member of the Legislative Council. Well, Mr Leung is still there. And today he’s also here. In the studio with us.

The Pulse
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Friday, April 20, 2012
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