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How Will Donald Tsang Govern?; Interview with Financial Times' Asia Editor John Ridding; When Free Trade Isn't Fair Trade (07 Oct 2005)


We're just a few days away from Chief Executive Donald Tsang's first Policy Address, but once he's delivered the address, how easy will it be to deliver on the promises, particularly as he doesn't have the unquestioning support of any single party? Just over two years ago, a paper known for both its distinctive colour and its reporting, launched its Asian edition. We speak to the editor of that edition John Ridding, and ask him how the paper has been faring in the region since then. The World Trade Organisation's 6th Ministerial Conference is fast approaching, and the government is already worrying about the anti-globalisation protests that usually come with the event. Last Sunday Oxfam Hong Kong launched a local campaign against one less savoury aspect of globalisation. The “ Make Trade Fair ” initiative makes the point that some of the biggest countries, and those pushing the free trade agenda most strongly, are not necessarily the fairest traders.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, October 7, 2005
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