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Interpretation of the Basic Law & US Presidential Election Special II (12 Nov 2016)


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Hong Kong is facing its own political storms with the passing, on Monday, of yet another interpretation of the Basic Law. The timing is especially questionable because Hong Kong courts are currently in the process of handling the judicial review on the Legco President’s decision to allow two Youngspiration lawmakers to retake their oaths. Thousands took to the streets last Sunday to protest against Beijing’s decision, and hundreds of lawyers and law students dressed in black for a silent protest on Wednesday. With us to discuss that issue is legislators Alvin Yeung of Civic Party and Holden Chow of DAB. It’s fair to say Donald Trump’s victory in this week’s presidential election sent shock waves not only around the United States but also around the world. As with the Brexit referendum in the UK, the outcome seems to reflect a growing political and economic divide. Our producer Liz Yuen was in New York on election night. Also in the studio is Alex Montgomery, International Communications Director for the Democrats Abroad and Kym Kettle, member of Republican Overseas.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Saturday, November 12, 2016
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