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[Interview with Christine Loh, Environment Bureau Undersecretary] (08 Sep 2013)


Ms. Christine Loh, the undersecretary for the Environment Bureau would talk about various environment issues in this program. First of all, she would talk about the quick change plan in air pollution area that government is going to change the catalytic converters on all LPG taxis and LPG-powered public light buses in a six-month period. Once that is completed, a number of pollutants would drop significantly at roadside. Another issue is the nuclear power plants will be built in Guangdong, she thinks it is better to request more information from China and look into the technology with experts. Besides, issue of incinerator would be also discussed. She said the landfill will fill up even faster if Hong Kong does not build a fair size of incinerator. Finally, she would talk about her feeling on Mr. C.Y. Leung

Publish Date: 
Sunday, September 8, 2013
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