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[An interview with Jake van der Kamp and Mike Rowse] (01 Nov 2009)


The program is an interview with Mike Rowse (former civil servant) and Jake van der kamp (former SCMP columnist). Recently they have published two different books which are "No Minister, and No, Minister" by Mike which is talk about the Harbour Fest Musical extravagance and "Twelth fairy" by Jake which is a pure fiction, these books are unusual for what they have done before. The contents of the books and other government issues would be discussed. For Mike's books, some question as followings will be discussed: Why he still fighting this issue? Are government try to stop the publication of the book? What conclusion would he like people to draw? Who should have been blamed for this issue? Besides, Jake often would be very critical of the Hong Kong government in his columns but why he starts writing a fiction? What kind of fiction is it? Furthermore, they would discuss the issues about bridge and high speed railway that Hong Kong is building to China and planning for energy-saving light bulbs coupons

Publish Date: 
Sunday, November 1, 2009
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