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[An interview with the new LegCo president] (26 Oct 2008)


<p>As a new President of Legislative Council, how shocked was Mr. Tsang Yok-sing when a member threw bananas at the Chief Executive? Does he feel he handled it well? How is he going to handle it in the future that if league of Social Democrats still make more wave? Besides, why did he want to be the president of Legislative Council? Why would he want to tie his hands in articulating his party&#39;s policies by becoming the President? Does he feel fair when his opponents want him not to have public speech and just chair the meeting? How can he possibly keep silent that will spark a debate? How does he react to that when the democrats have started the public debate by demanding to know whether he is a member of Community Party? Today&#39;s guest Mr. Tsang Yok-sing (The president of Legislative Council) is going to response the above questions</p>

Publish Date: 
Sunday, October 26, 2008
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