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Islam vs Press Freedom?; The Tamar "X-File"; The Future of the FTU (10 Feb 2006)


Cartoons can cost lives. The publication of cartoons depicting, and even lampooning, the Prophet Mohammed, has incensed Muslims around the world and led to deaths during violent protests. But does a Western secular society have to live by Islam's rules? The government wants a new home. It says the old one, the secretariat in Lower Albert Road, is getting too cramped, and it would like to move to new and more spacious digs in Tamar, with – at least for the moment – a sea view. Some of our legislators say it should settle for rather less luxurious accommodation. This week media reports suggested the government was withholding a "secret report" which recommends redeveloping the existing Central Government Offices rather than beginning new construction at Tamar. From the 1950s onwards, many local trade unions were dominated by either pro-Kuomintang or pro-Communist forces. The Federation of Trade Unions, or FTU, was founded by an alliance of 22 local unions in 1948, with the dual aims of protecting labour rights and fostering patriotism. Today though, as it tries to expand its political influence, some internal tensions are becoming apparent.

The Pulse
Publish Date: 
Friday, February 10, 2006
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