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Jia Qinglin's Visit; July 1st - Celebration And Protest; Interview - Victor Mallet (New Editor of FT Asia); Aging Hong Kong (30 Jun 2006)


This week CPPCC chairman Jia Qinglin was in Hong Kong for a three-day visit. On the financial front, Mr Jia said the CPG would further help the SAR enhance the development of its financial sector and consolidate its role as an international financial hub. He also had many words of praise for Hong Kong's Chief Executive and the SAR Government. Former Chief Secretary Anson Chan has said she plans to take part in Saturday's July 1st March. Her decision may increase the turnout for an event that might otherwise not have attracted too much attention, and possibly increase the pressure on Chief Executive Donald Tsang over democratic reform. Meanwhile, pro-Beijing groups are planning a celebratory rally. This week John Ridding, the editor and publisher of the Asia edition of the Financial Times and Chairman of Pearson in Asia, left town. He's to become the Chief Executive of the Financial Times and The new editor of the Asia edition is Victor Mallet, and he's in our studio to talk about the paper, and some of the problems of reporting in and on China. On Thursday, the Council for Sustainable Development held its first public forum on a future population policy for Hong Kong. According to official figures, last year just over 12% of the local population were 65 or above. By 2033, 26.8% of the population is expected to be in that age range. How is Hong Kong going to cope? And what can people do to increase their chances of having a healthy old age?

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Friday, June 30, 2006
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