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The Joy of Music (03 Apr 2007)


“ My heart sings because of beauty, ” Chen Sa said. Chen Sa is the most promising woman virtuoso pianist in China today. Her audience says her playing is as beautiful as singing. Chen Sa ’ s idea of a musical career is not about fame or fortune. To her, music is as pure as nature. Chen Sa ‘ s childhood was not easy. For the pursuit of a musical education, she tasted the hardships and modesty of life. Thus, she learns how to express the souls of people and it helps make her a richer artist. To Chen Sa , life ’ s experiences and feelings are her inspirations in music. And the joy of music comes from sharing these experiences with the audience. However, her career path is often times, one of solitude. To be a dedicated musician, she has sacrificed other things in life. But to Chen Sa, life is an art of balance, her passion in music also brings her the joy of life. Producer: Fung Ka Leung

Young Chinese Performers Series
Publish Date: 
Tuesday, April 3, 2007
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