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Juilliard Vocal Master Class; Film Review - "Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer"; Exhibition - Luke Ching "Two in One"; Studio Performance - "The A# Singers" (19 Jun 2007)


For any musician, the Master Class can be an invaluable aid to improvement. Throughout June, masters from the Juilliard School, one of the world's top music conservatories, are in Hong Kong to give young performers tips on piano, strings, and vocal technique. Last weekend, it was aspiring singers who were receiving the benefit of the expert advice from voice coach Edith Bers. The event was set up in collaboration with the Academy for Performing Arts. The participants were a select few from conservatories in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Film critics and more-discerning moviegoers were underwhelmed by the first "Fantastic Four", movie. Still, it made a ton of money at the box office so inevitability sequelitis struck. The second instalment is called "Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer". Reviewer Gary Pollard wasn't overwhelmed by this one either. Much art is about the reconciliation of opposites, about what happens when different influences are merged. Well, that idea is at the centre of "Two In One" an exhibition by Luke Ching that's currently showing at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. The founder-members of "The A# Singers" were originally part of the Hong Kong Children's Choir. Today, as an a cappella group they perform widely. Previewing their upcoming concert, tonight they treat us to "Tea for Two" with "My Girl"

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
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