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June 4th, a defining moment ; Dropping English standards ; Dangerous beaches ; Immunity from criminal charges (30 May 2014)


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It’s 25 years since tanks and guns claimed the lives of hundreds during the violent June 4th Tiananmen Square crackdown, Since then, much has changed in China, but some people still look back on that period as a defining moment. Hong Kong. Asia’s world city. That’s according to BrandHK, a government programme dedicated to boosting our image. At the time this slogan that was coined, a spokesperson said it reflected Hong Kong’s competitive position as “a natural, vital and multicultural gateway not only to and from China but also to the rest of Asia and beyond.” But declining English standards present a challenge to this fine concept. And legislatorsand government figures are often leading the fall. Summer is definitely upon us, temperatures soar from time to time, and you may feel like heading to the beach for a quick cool dip. But be careful. Some beaches like Shek O are much more dangerous than official figures suggest. The reason? People who don’t get injured or drowned during working hours, or the life guard season, are likely not to have their problems recorded. Finally, people power seems to have won a victory this week, at least in Macau, where the chief executive Fernando Chui bowed to public pressure on Thursday and scrapped a contentious bill that would have granted lavish retirement packages to top officials and – rather conveniently - gave the chief executive immunity from criminal charges during his term of office.

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Friday, May 30, 2014
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